Our methodology is best described as “taking the best of both worlds”.
Old World winemaking places greater importance on a region’s terroir and tradition rather than showcasing a particular varietal. New World winemakers are willing to break with tradition and experiment with different techniques but tend to emphasize a particular varietal. While we choose grapes that best display the region’s terroir, we will try anything to make a great tasting wine! We blend all of the wines that  we produce and ratios can change depending on what flavor profile each vintage brings us.

2016 Oro Bianco – Sierra foothills white wine – 100 Cases Produced
While each year can vary, the 2016 vintage final blend came out to be equal amounts of Chardonnay, Viognier, Vermentino and Pinot Grigio. A floral bouquet is followed by crisp, citrus flavors showing pineapple and ripe grapefruit characteristics. The wine offers a bright acidity that makes it ideal for pairing with cream-based seafood dishes and fresh oysters.
$22.00 per bottle – Discounted Case price – SOLD OUT

2017 Granato – Petite Sirah based blend – 95 Cases Produced
Hints of dark cherry and black pepper aroma are present in the bouquet before the palate is greeted with balanced flavors of cocoa and blackberry. Our highest concentration to date of Petite Sirah (72%) gives the 2016 Granato wonderful dark color while the added Barbera (28%) brings the appropriate amount of acidity to achieve “food friendly” status. Ready to drink now and will age gracefully.
$28 per bottle  – Discounted Case price – click here to order

2017 Granato Riserva – Petite Sirah based blend – 70 Cases Produced
The blend remains consistent with the prior vintages (70% Petite Sirah / 25% Barbera / 5% Cabernet) and the rich dark fruit characteristics are prevalent upon the first sip. The Granato Riserva is the ultimate holiday/special occasion wine as it pairs well with many dishes and displays an elegance that guests will be able to immediately recognize.
$32 per bottle – Discounted Case price – click here to order

2017 D’Seta – El Dorado County Barbera – 96 Cases Produced
D’Seta roughly translates to “of silk” in Italian and is the ideal description for this Barbera dominant blend. The first sip offers an array of intense summer fruit berries with hints of black pepper showing up in the background. While there is a playful tartness on the back of the palate, the added Petite Sirah in this blend gives it optimal balance and additional color. Like all of our wines D’Seta will pair well with several entrées including red sauced pasta dishes and grilled meat.
$27 per bottle – Discounted Case Price – Click Here to Order 

2017 Montano Caberneto – El Dorado County Cabernet – 104 Cases Produced
Our Cabernet-based blend (85% Cabernet Sauvignon 15% Petite Sirah) illustrates that amazing Cabernet wines can be produced from the hillsides of El Dorado County. Bold, extracted flavors of dark chocolate and ripe berried fruit greet the palate upon the first sip while well-placed tannins become apparent on the finish. An extremely well-balanced wine that is too easy to consume and will likely lead to EBS (Empty Bottle Syndrome).
$40 per bottle – Discounted Case Price – Click Here to Order